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Maclean & District Bowling Club welcomes your children to the club. To help make the club an enjoyable and safe place for everyone, we ask that you pay attention to the following details.

Please don’t:

  • Leave your children unattended inside or outside the Club
  • Allow your children to run in or around the Club
  • Allow your children on to the stage area
  • Allow your children to interfere with the comfort and safety of other Members
  • Allow your children within 2 metres of any bar or gaming areas
  • Allow your children into the TAB/gaming areas of the Club
  • Allow your children to purchase tickets in any raffle or game of chance

Please note that the above details are enforceable by Licensing Police/Inspectors and by bringing your children to the Club, you agree to abide with these details and other reasonable requests made by Club Staff that relate to the conduct of your children while attending the Club.

Thank you for your attention to these matters and for ensuring the club is an enjoyable place for all who visit. Please email us with any comments or suggestions to:


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